Embark on An Amazing Adventure!

MagiQuest  is an active, engaging video game using REAL magic wands and is played in a medieval fantasy kingdom. The wand is your controller in the kingdom and interacts with over 150 different special effects which allow you to make treasure chests open, search for hidden objects, or make crystals sparkle! We have quests & adventures that are simpler like a scavenger hunt, but as you advance in the game and earn achievements you can battle a dragon or help a princess!

How to Play: 4 Steps

MagiQuest Pricing

Wand and time purchase required for each player.

Borrowed Wand: $5/Day
Purchased Wand:

Time is sold as an unlimited day pass: $20 per wand per day

Laser Tag Pricing

Single Match: $9

3-Play Pass: $23
(all must be played same day, same person)

Arcade Pricing

4 tokens: $1
2–4 tokens per game